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Facial serums and anti-wrinkle serums

The formulation of the facial serums made by Polí makes it possible to obtain effective cosmetic products that interact with the skin and give it what it really needs.

The facial serums on sale in the online shop are scientifically formulated and boast widely tested active ingredients, with results proven in efficacy tests.

Buy face serums online

Looking for an illuminating face serum, an anti-wrinkle serum, a moisturising face serum or other products to tone, rebalance and protect your skin? Polí is the online shop that sells serums and facial products with active ingredients for your real needs. In the line of facial serums you will find products for various skin imperfections available for purchase: serums to reduce bags and dark circles, anti-wrinkle antiaging serums with a lifting effect, serums for acne and functional boosters with rebalancing, moisturising, antioxidant and lightening action to reduce skin discolouration and spots.

Looking for a personalised facial serum? Get a dedicated consultation

Restoring the natural balance of the hydrolipidic film is an action that requires effective remedies, specific ingredients and targeted solutions. If you need a personalised face serum, book a Professional Skin Test at the beauty centres that collaborate with Polí or contact Dr Barbara Poli for a dedicated consultation.


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