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Creams for skin redness and irritation

Polí's deep-rooted experience in skin care has led to the development of soothing creams, products for dermatitis and cream formulations for skin redness, insect bites or skin irritations.

Research that has resulted in a soothing cream for dermatitis designed to restore well-being to reddened skin. A product, recommended in combination with gentle cleansers for particularly sensitive skin, which help prevent skin redness with soothing ingredients against itching and irritation.

Buy the soothing cream for dermatitis

The cream for skin redness is an anti-itch and anti-irritation product, ideal for relieving reddened and irritated skin. A soothing treatment that you can now buy in the Polí online shop and have delivered directly to your home.

Do you need help? Contact Polí!

Dr Barbara Poli is at your side to take care of your skin problems and suggest the most suitable cream or cosmetic product to treat dermatitis and other dermal needs.


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