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The values of scientific cosmetics 

Effective use concentration

100% dermocompatible ingredients

Allergen-free perfumes

Clean toxicological profile

Dr Barbara Poli

About Barbara Poli

In cosmetics, nothing can be left to improvisation.

For this reason, cosmetological science is a founding element of the entire project.

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Barbara Poli, a new approach to cosmetic formulation is now possible: an idea that starts from her role as a free formulator to find a way based on the values of independence, experience, trust and balance.

The goal? To free cosmetics from the logic of the market, to focus on the search for solutions to skin problems and formulate products with effective active ingredients and the best ingredients.


3 lines of products for the face and body


Formulations with a high concentration of active ingredients, accessible to skins that require special care and targeted, specific and appropriate solutions.

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Give your skin a scientific touch: designed for skins that require a more intense action, the products of the Touch line offer a complete range of creams for face and body.

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OH!!! Is the cosmetic revolution born from over twenty years of research in the field.
A professional kit to perform your skin test at home and create your own face cream in 3 simple steps.

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Our community

Real and authentic: these are the faces of those who for years have chosen our products and embraced the philosophy of Polí. Every image on the website has been created from our customers: a way of thanking them for their uniqueness and making them part of the project.

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