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Skin Test

Why choose Polí Skin Tests?

Oily skin, dry skin, parched skin or sensitive skin: the truth is that when it comes to cosmetics, generalizations or parameters alone are not enough. For this reason, Dr. Barbara Poli has developed a system of skin analysis able to create a direct link between the cosmetic product and the values drawn from the skin test.

An algorithm developed over more than twenty years of study and practical testing, which combines structure cosmetics and performance cosmetics, translating the relationship between the factors involved to provide targeted solutions to different problems. This allows you to identify the skin type of your face and the substances required to restore the natural balance of the hydrolipid film: the thin layer that covers our skin.

What is the Polí Skin Test?

The skin test is an examination that allows you to find your skin type: to be in balance, the skin requires the correct mix of water (H = hydro) and lipids (O = oil).

Through the skin test it is possible to identify 5 skin types (0-1-2-3-4): from a skin type 0 that needs a lot of water and few lipids, arriving at 4 that on the contrary needs more lipids and less water.

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

The benefits of the scientific method to skin analysis

Provides a study of the skin type directly related to the product.

It allows you to identify the right parameters to solve the problems of the dermis.

Helps restore the natural structural balance of the hydrolipidic film

The active ingredients are totally absorbed without leaving substances that would have an occlusive action.

Skin breathes properly and appears healthy, radiant and free of skin impurities or imperfections

Provides technical support from a professional cosmetologist professional

How to find the right product for your Skin Type?

Polí is constantly searching for the best technical answers to people's needs, offering ingredients that are functional to their needs and differentiating its cosmetic formulas according to different lifestyles. To this, it adds the authentic heart of its research: skin analysis. This leads to products dedicated to science-based body care and facial skincare, with endless possibilities for customization.

Professional Skin Test

Ask for information and discover beauty centers that have embraced the scientific method to skin analysis.
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Home Skin Test

Bring all the knowledge of Scientific Beauty right to your doorstep, with convenient tests you can perform on your own.

Dedicated consulting

Trust the hands of a professional formulator: book an appointment and seek advice from an expert of cosmetic formulations.
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Do you want a specific cosmetic for your skin? Discover the revolution of OH!

OH! is the latest innovation from Polí: a kit with a beauty device and two serum creams that allows you to create the perfect cream for your skin independently, starting with the results of the Professional Skin Test.
The result is personalized skincare products: a revolutionary facial cosmetic that encompasses in one gesture the action of a complete beauty routine.

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Looking for a personalized beauty product?

Scientific cosmetics is at your service to study new cosmetic formulas and solutions for every possible need. From cosmetic products for the body to treatments for skin imperfections, such as anti-cellulite cream or anti-wrinkle serum for the face.

Contact Doctor Barbara Poli for a dedicated consultation.

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