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Scientific Beauty

Dr Barbara Poli

"Listening to requests, turning them into products is the purpose of my work."

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About Polí

Dr. Barbara Poli

An approach based on study, experimentation and the search for effective solutions to complex problems. Without discounts on quality or ingredients, without improvisation. This is the thinking behind the work of Dr. Barbara Poli, who has always been oriented towards the creation of truly useful cosmetic products and skin treatments. It was this spark that led her to embrace the profession of independent formulator enriched with the expertise of safety assessor, to found her own concept of Scientific Beauty.
The idea

Polí cosmetics: scientific and independent

After graduating in chemistry and specializing in cosmetology, Barbara Poli worked as a researcher in universities and at major companies in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors, reaching the position of technical director. During these years, however, she began to feel the desire to found a cosmetics company free from the constraints of the market, in favor of a formulation of beauty products starting from their effectiveness.

Freed from unnecessary costs and the logic of marketing, the figure of the formulator has thus regained the necessary centrality, leading her to develop her own path independently. Foundations on which her new company grew, a direct expression of the founding values of the entire project.

Polí values: a free approach to formulation


Polí is synonymous with freedom. It means renouncing the market in order to put the customer at the center, overturning the logic of cosmetic companies based on formula cost and returning to creating products based on active ingredients or needs.


Study is an indispensable value of the company's work. Even today, a great deal of time is devoted to research and development, updating, specialization and participation in important trade fairs of raw materials.


The relationship with customers, pharmacists, beauticians, doctors and cosmetic surgeons is at the heart of Polí's work. This is because cosmetics must provide answers to the needs of people, which are unique and deserve effective solutions.


Skin analysis must connect to the product to deliver real benefits. Through algorithms and the selection of cosmetics based on sebum-similar and allergen-free ingredients, a new balance of well-being comes to life.

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How is a scientific cosmetic product created?

Scientific Beauty ties in two different methodologies, which complement each other to create a revolutionary and authentic cosmetic experience.

Start with the ingredient

Based on the intrinsic characteristics of the raw materials, the best formulation is studied to best express the benefits of the product. the benefits of the product.

Starting from the need

The dialogue, the study of the skin and its problems lead to targeted cosmetic solutions, enriched by skin tests and tests of effectiveness of use.

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