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Scientific beauty

PolÍ philosophy

Dr. Barbara Poli's experience and scientific approach to beauty have led to the formulation of scientific cosmetics, based on six key principles that constitute the very soul of the company.


The principles of scientific cosmetics

The effective use concentration

Proven results and research are the basis of every Polí cosmetic formulation: this is why the choice of performing active ingredients in the correct concentration is an essential element of the scientific research that characterizes it. The result is a highly technical method, which goes beyond the approaches of sensory analysis, to guarantee cosmetic products with real benefits for the skin and results proven by tests of effectiveness in use.

The use of dermocompatible raw materials

Using sebum-similar cosmetics means choosing ingredients that are compatible with our skin. Thanks to the scientific approach to cosmetic research, Polí is able to select and formulate cosmetics using only those substances already contained in the epidermis. This guarantees beauty products with formulas and sebum-similar raw materials that are rapidly absorbed, high yielding and fully tolerated by the dermis, usable even on the most sensitive skin.

Working on skin balance

The definition of independent formulator is a guarantee of a work directed to the study of solutions to concrete needs. This makes it possible to act on two levels: the restoration of the balance of the hydrolipidic film at a structural level and the solution of problems through high-performance active ingredients. Actions that produce a gradual adaptation of the skin without attacking it, for an effective improvement and "maintenance".

Use of allergen-free perfumes

Not everything natural is good: some natural substances contain allergens that can cause reactions or hypersensitization. Through the selection of allergen-free fragrances, Polí's research looks carefully at the formulation of cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin. In this way, the most delicate dermis can benefit from the action of 100% allergen-free products.

Ingredients with clean toxicological profile

From excipients to active ingredients, the substances used in Polí cosmetic formulations have a clean toxicological profile. Dr. Poli's experience as a Safety Assessor allows her to select raw materials in a responsible and conscious manner, thanks to her in-depth specialist knowledge of the ingredients and her strong focus on her customers. A professional approach, for all-round safety.

Comfortable cosmetic shapes

Polí works every day to create truly effective cosmetics. To make them so, however, a fundamental prerequisite is necessary: the use of the product. That is why Polí is committed to offering customized formulas based on people's lifestyles and specific requirements. Different cosmetic forms, with the same quality, for scientific formulations that are practical and comfortable to use.

Experience and research as the key to beauty

Cosmetics are like icebergs: the enveloping scents, the elegant packaging and the advertisements drenched in catchy slogans are their surface. Polí has chosen to renounce them and go straight to the substance. A path that has allowed her to free herself from the logic of the market, to dedicate herself to the search for new paths and to make the most of the concentration of the active principles. Studying with constancy, looking for novelties and perfecting its products, according to the necessary times. Deprived of the constraints of formula cost and marketing logic, formulations can finally start from what really matters: the needs of the skin, from which they can create concrete solutions and genuine innovation.
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