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Leg-warming cream

The practice of sport deserves special care, to provide the body with a sense of well-being that begins even before training.

The range of products dedicated to physiotherapy and the different sports disciplines guarantees solutions designed for the needs of athletes: sprays for muscle pain, warming creams for muscles and cosmetic products to treat or prevent minor injuries and contractures.

Buy online sports creams and remedies

Experience the best of sports disciplines: buy online the warming decontracting cream and the relaxing leg cream. Formulated with aloe and arnica, these products guarantee lighter legs and an ideal remedy for post-training or for treating muscle pain. Discover the sports line in the online shop.

Do you need help? Contact Poli!

From warming cream for sport to arnica spray to treat minor traumas and muscular aches and pains, you will find a range of products for sportsmen and women in the shop. If you need a specific treatment, Dr Barbara Poli is at your disposal for any information you may require. Contact her or book a dedicated consultation to find the best solution to your needs.


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