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Scientific beauty


Scientific answers for your skin

Three cosmetic lines, with increasing number of active ingredients, effective and specific to suit your every need.

Each Polí formulation is designed around a specific skin type: five skin types characterized by a different demand for scientifically studied substances and concentrations.

Only by identifying one's own skin type, through measurements conducted using Dr. Barbara Poli's skin test protocol, is it possible to give a targeted response and choose the most suitable products to restore the balance of the hydrolipidic film.

Professional analysis to be carried out at a retailer, but now Polí brings it directly to your home through the home skin test, based on a protocol and tables that allow you to find your skin type independently: a scientific algorithm, now accessible to all.

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Discover the 3 product lines


An entry level line with professional effectiveness

Feel is the basic line designed for all those who are looking for an effective solution to the problems of their epidermis.
A range of cosmetic products formulated with an effective concentration of active ingredients, for protection and results that can be felt on the skin.

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Cosmetic treatments for deep skin care

Touch is a range of products with a higher number of active ingredients, useful for those who need a more intense and specific performance.
Characteristics that make it an intermediate line useful to nourish, moisturize and respond to the needs of the skin with an additional scientific touch.

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A true scientific revolution in 4 drops

Fruit of Polí's twenty years of research, OH!!! is a revolutionary product consisting of two face serums and a beauty device, which allows you to create a personalized face cream, starting from the identification of your skin type. Its design is specifically conceived to offer a double complementary action: a direct intervention on the structure identified through the skin test and its combination with the performance given by its 12 active ingredients.

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kit OH!!

What's in the kit OH!

Serum H

Face cream serum 15 ml, essential for the balance of the watery part of the hydrolipidic film.

Serum O

Face cream serum 15 ml, essential for the balance of the oily part of the hydrolipidic film.

Beauty Device

Tool to perform the Professional Skin Test, allows you to discover the values and substances to be integrated in combination with the table.


Complete with information brochure and data helps you identify your skin type starting from a scientific algorithm.

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What benefits and results does it offer

Thanks to its anti-aging properties, it reduces the number of wrinkles and depth, the effects of collagen degradation, helping the skin to prevent and fight the signs of aging.

Deeply moisturizes and gives a luminous, firm and supple look to the face.

It provides a defatting effect, making the skin firmer and more toned, both in the oval and cheekbones.

It reduces the effect of hyperpigmentation by protecting the dermis from the effects of harmful sun rays and limiting the presence of free radicals caused by UV rays.

Modulates the skin's anti-inflammatory response, which is responsible for wrinkle formation, acne and sensitive skin.

It allows you to create a face cream suitable for all skin types and modify it according to its changing needs, through a 100% personalized response.

The importance of skin type in choosing the right product

Polí actively collaborates with the best aesthetic doctors, cosmetic surgeons, pharmacies, bioprofumeries, beauty centers and stores specializing in high quality cosmetic products, which offer the possibility to perform the Professional Skin Test to help you identify your skin type and the right products for you.

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Find Polí dealers or contact Dr. Barbara Poli to find out where you can perform the skin test and book a consultation dedicated to you.

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