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LIFT+ concentrated anti-age serum

Provides a lifting effect by smoothing, diminishing and reducing expression lines and their depth.

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LIFT+ ANTI-AGE CONCENTRATED SERUM ensures an ultra-lifting effect thanks to the presence, in an effective use concentration, of four important active ingredients. The action of Argireline® peptide attenuates and reduces expression lines and their depth by regulating the muscle contraction mechanism. The glycoprotein Antarcticine®, by actively stimulating the generation of elastin and collagen, produces an excellent anti-ageing effect and protects the skin from the most common and aggressive external agents by regulating the hot-cold reaction. Microencapsulated salicylic acid has a smoothing effect by reducing skin imperfections. While hyaluronic acid, being able to retain water in the epidermis, is able to tone the skin and naturally rebalance its hydration level.

The main active ingredients present

Antarcticine® is a glycoprotein obtained by fermentation of the bacterial strain Pseudoalteromonas Antartica. It has been observed that, during its cell growth, this bacterium produces extracellular material, a glycoprotein hexapolymer, which is able to retain water, adhere to surfaces and resist extreme cold. These properties produce a strong cryoprotective effect on bilamellar lipid membranes, preventing intracellular water molecules from freezing. Tests carried out to assess the effectiveness of Antarcticine©: have shown:

- Restructuring effect

- Regenerating effect

- Anti-wrinkle effect

- Neutralising effect of cold on the skin

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 is a natural peptide with an activity very similar to that of botulinum toxin. Used topically, this substance reduces the contraction of the subcutaneous muscles responsible for the appearance of expression lines. Unlike botulinum toxin, which once applied breaks the bonds of the SNAP-25 protein, our Argireline® peptide inserts itself by dislodging the protein from the SNARE complex, but without breaking the molecular structure. The result is a cytological action that is less invasive and less damaging, but just as effective. tests have shown that

- Argireline© reduces the depth of facial wrinkles caused by the contraction of the facial expression muscles, especially in the forehead and around the eyes.

- Argireline prevents skin ageing caused by repeated facial movements caused by the excessive release of catecholamines.

- Argireline© is a safe and effective alternative to botulinum toxin because it acts physiologically, without causing damage, and is applied topically without the need for injections.

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How to use

Place a drop of LIFT+ ANTI-AGE CONCENTRATED SERUM on the back of your hand. Dip the fingertip of the index finger of the other hand into the drop and apply the product to the forehead, chin and left and right cheekbones, massaging gently. For maximum benefit, this operation should be repeated regularly, once or twice a day, before the cream or under the mask. For long-lasting results, use the product for at least two months, so that the active ingredients can enter the cell cycle completely.





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